Brittany Smith Brittany    is    a    medical    assistant    and    is primarily   responsible   for   taking   care   of your   clinical   needs   and   assists   Dr.   Mittal during   your   visit.   She   is   very   dedicated and    caring    towards    your    needs    and    is available   to   help   you   in   your   health   care needs Email :
Chelsea Galbraith Chelsea   welcomes   you   to   our   office   and greets   your   phone   calls   for   appointments and    other    matters.    She    brings    to    our office   her   experience   and   people   skills. She   is   always   willing   to   help   you   and coordinate your  care at our office. E-mail :  
Karen Gestring Karen     is     our     billing     and     insurance coordinator.       She       is       a       Certified Professional    Coder    and    has    years    of experience    in    insurance    billing.    She    is available    to    assist    you    in    filing    your claims   with   your   insurance   company   or any matters regarding billing. Email :
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