Internal Medicine Internal    medicine    is    a    specialty    of    medicine    concerning    the    diagnosis    and    nonsurgical treatment   of   diseases   in   adults,   especially   of   internal   organs.   Doctors   of   internal   medicine, also   called   "internists",   are   required   to   have   included   in   their   seven   of   more   years   of   medical schooling   and   postgraduate   training   at   least   three   years   dedicated   to   learning   how   to   prevent, diagnose,   and   treat   diseases   that   affect   adults.   Internists   are   sometimes   referred   to   as   the "doctor's   doctor,"   because   they   are   often   called   upon   to   act   as   consultants   to   other   physicians   to   help   solve   puzzling diagnostic   problems.   While   the   name   "internal   medicine"   may   lead   one   to   believe   that   internists   only   treat   "internal" problems, this is not the case. Doctors of internal medicine treat the whole person, not just internal organs. Internists   are   trained   to   solve   puzzling   diagnostic   problems   and   handle   chronic   illnesses   and   situations   where   several different   illnesses   affect   the   person   at   the   same   time.   They   also   provide   to   patients   services   in   preventive   medicine   as   well as   effective   treatment   of   common   problems   of   the   eyes,   ears,   skin,   nervous   system,   heart,   lung   and   digestive   organs.   Most adults in the United States see an internist as their primary physician .
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